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loft conversions crawley
loft conversions crawley
loft conversions crawley


Getting the best house extension for every budget

We understand if you’re a little fed up of always seeing expensive looking extensions that deserve a place on Grand Designs because they cost a small fortune. There’s nothing worse than seeing something you love, but knowing your home simply couldn’t accommodate it, or that your budget can’t stretch that far.

However, the reality for most homeowners is that it is possible to have a high end finish to a home extension which are  more affordable.

Here at S P A C E S, we are frequently asked to add or make room for a more functional kitchens or a bigger sitting area, these small but impactful designs won’t break the bank, but they will open your home right up. 

What will you choose?

What’s great about a house extension, is that it comes with options. Whether you’re considering a grand pool house, or a simple rear home extension to keep costs down, there are a multitude of routes to take to help achieve your desired result, and to make best use of your budget too.

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, get in touch with us here at S P A C E S for complete support for planning, designing and building your home extension.

HOME EXTENSIONS Crawley, West Sussex

How we work


Step one is to get the design process underway. We will measure your space during a detailed survey and create a 3d CAD model to scale to visualise your extension. If you don’t already have an architect then we can supply you with one of our architectural design partners.


S P A C E S will provide you with a detailed quotation. This will include every element form bricks to design magic with beautiful finishes.

During the build, your site manager will walk you through every element and the build progresses through to completion.

Project Management

Clearly defined timelines, schedule of works and materials is just part of the service.

Having a clear plan helps set expectations and allow for bandwidth if there is a change or delay to any element. Perfect planning from the structure to the finishing touches will provide you with a beautiful space.

What else Do we do?

What kind of space are you looking to create?

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